August 23, 2016

How to Choose the Right Door Ironmongery for Your Home or Business


Selecting the right type and number of accessories for your doors can be overwhelming and often confusing. The moment you step into a door ironmongery shop or begin looking at ironmongery websites, you’ll realize that there are tons of different door handles and door knobs to choose from. In addition, every door knob and handle has a selection of different finishes, making it more complicated to choose one for your home or business. From satin stainless steel, brass, to chrome and gold plated, you have to consider which finish works best for your existing motif.

To help you choose the right product, here are the things that you need to consider before you visit door ironmongery.

The first thing that you need to have is the budget. Set a minimum and maximum price that you will be willing to pay in case you find the door accessories that you need. This will automatically narrow down your wide selection of choices as you will then disregard the door products that are not within your budget. You need to set the minimum price to avoid going for a cheap product as this could only mean that you have to replace the door accessory a lot sooner than expected.

Next, you have to consider the existing design of your office or home. Depending on how you want the overall design to appear, make sure that the products that you are buying will enhance the finish of your property. If possible, spend time researching which door accessories would go best for your home’s motif. For example, polished stainless steel door furniture will work perfectly for cottage style homes while penthouse apartment will match a black iron accessory.

Once you already have the ideal design, think about who’s going to use the products. Keep in mind that if you have kids at home, you should avoid accessories with pointy edges as this could be harmful for children.

Lastly, you also have to check the weather or location of your property. In case you want door handles that will weather even after several years of use, then go for tarnish-free brass. This is also a good option for homeowners near the sea, or in open countryside as tarnish-free brass’ resistance to weathering is highly reliable.

This list will surely make your door ironmongery visit quick and simple. Of course, your personal preferences would be helpful to make the shopping more convenient.

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