August 23, 2016

Simple and Easy Steps on How to Replace a Door Knob


Having new door knobs will enhance and revamp the design of your home’s door. Before you even think of shopping, you might want to recheck if you have all the tools that you need to remove and replace the knob. It will be best if you remove the door knob first before you shop to assess what type of replacement you will need. You can even bring the old knob with you when you visit a door ironmongery for comparison.

To help make your task easier, here is a list of simple and easy steps on how to replace your home or office’s existing door knob. If you have the right tools, you can do these steps on your own or you can also hire a professional door installation expert for your convenience.


Step 1 – Use a screwdriver to remove the old door knob

Grab a Phillips screwdriver to remove the door knob. In case you don’t know what a Phillips screwdriver is, it is the one with 4 ridges. Begin by removing the screws that hold both sides of the old knob into place.

Step 2 – removing the knob and the plate

The interior and exterior knobs should come off once the screws have been removed. Pull off the door knobs along with the plate that covers the hole of the door.  In case the latch did not come off, you can simply slide it out.

Step 3 – removing the strike plate

The strike plate is the metal plate attached to a doorjamb with a hole for the bolt of the door. To remove it, simply remove the screws that hold the metal plat to the door frame.

Step 4 – measuring the backset

Using a tape measure, check the distance between the center of the hole in the door’s surface to its edge. This area is also known as the door’s backset. You also need to check which door’s side you need to lock. For the door to lock from the inside of any room, you need to learn whether it is to the left or right once the latch is facing your direction.


Once you’ve successfully removed the door knob, it’s time to buy the new knob that will work best to your home or office’s look. Select the best door ironmongery store that can assist you and help you find the right kind of door knob based on the old knob that you have.

You may check out your neighborhood’s nearest door ironmongery store or check out Equip-Design’s website. Their website has a wide selection of door knob finishes so you’ll surely find the knob type that will match your home’s doors.